5 Amazing Ways a Confident Smile Can Improve Your Life


Frank A. Clark once said, “Most smiles are started by another smile.” Smiles are contagious—they can have a powerful impact on ourselves and on everyone around us. Smiling can improve your psychological well-being, and your physical health. The benefits of this seemingly simple act are profound and wide-spread. Here are five ways smiling can benefit your health in a remarkable way:

No. 1: Smiling Lowers Stress Levels and Can Ease Pain and Depression

When we smile, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are all released. This can cause an immediate relaxation effect, and lower blood pressure almost instantly.

The endorphins released during smiling helps to reduce pain sensation in the body. Furthermore, the serotonin level increase in the brain helps to keep depression and anxiety at bay.

No. 2: Smiling Puts Those Around You at Ease and Improves Success at the Workplace

People perceive an authentic smile as a sign of trustworthiness and approachability.  When people see you smiling, they tend to relax, making communication and trust easier and more natural.

Smiling also helps to increase productivity, creativity, and positive customer relations. Smiling can help those in the service industry to bring in more tips, and those in the corporate setting secure more raises. Colleagues are more likely to approach those that smile for collaborations and with their ideas, since they perceive a more open reception.

No. 3: Smiling Keeps You Healthy

Smiling actually provides a natural immunity boost. It helps the body defend itself against illness and infection. Furthermore, studies have shown that smiling can have a profound effect on heart rate and blood pressure levels.

No. 4: Smiling Can Boost Your Confidence

Smiling can create a feeling of positivity and well-being, helping to boost confidence. Because it also puts those around you at ease, it makes people more available to hear you out or participate in your ideas, which also increase levels of confidence.

No. 5: Smiling Can Make You More Attractive to Others

Time and time again, studies have shown that people perceive others who smile as being more attractive than those who do not. Smiling gives the impression of glowing health, an open heart, and a willingness to welcome others, which are all attractive to members of both sexes. The increase in confidence from smiling also contributes to overall attractiveness.

A genuine smile is much easier to share if you feel confident about your grin. If you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your teeth, you may be missing out on these tremendous benefits because you’re holding back on those authentic smiles. Dr. Raymund Tanaka and Dr. Cynthia Leong help patients in Glendale, AZ to find the natural beauty of their smiles again with cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

October 25, 2018