4 Reasons Preventive Dental Health Exams Are So Important


4 Reasons Your Dental Health Is So Important

Preventive Dental Health Affects Your Whole Body

Having your teeth cleaned twice a year and flossing every day are beneficial for more than just your dental health. Germs and bacteria from an unhealthy mouth can get into your bloodstream and wreak havoc on other areas of your body. There is a proven oral systemic health link between dental health and the health of your whole system. Four of the reasons it is imperative to make your dental health a priority are explored below.

Start Good Habits Young

The older you get, the more ingrained are your daily habits. Starting your kids off with good dental habits like regular brushing and flossing will help ensure that they stick with those habits for their whole life. Special “toothbrushes” for babies will get your child used to the brushing habit. Regular dentist visits from a very early age will help your child get familiar with the dental chair and dental routine as the dentist examines their mouth.

Heart Health

Did you know your teeth and your heart are related? Preventive dental exams can help prevent gum disease and dangerous bacteria that can attack your heart via your blood stream. Bleeding gums could be a sign of gingivitis, an early sign of gum disease, and is often a reason to call your dentist for a thorough exam.

Bone Loss and Jaw Health

Gum disease can lead to loose teeth, which can be a precursor of bone loss. Prevention of tooth decay and gum disease is one of the best ways to keep from losing bone in your jaw that can occur when you lose teeth. Having a tooth pulled can take some of the bone with it in the process. Spaces from missing teeth can cause your jawbone to disintegrate and erode. Preventive dental exams go a long way to save your existing teeth and keep your overall health in check.

Eating Healthy

Eating a healthy diet is as good for your dental health as it is for your body. It is important to get necessary nutrients like calcium and phosphorus and vitamins like A, C, and D that contribute to strong bones and teeth. If you are not able to eat nutritious meals, vitamins in pill form can supply adequate nutrients. Your teeth will also benefit from chewing and biting. This helps make them stronger and helps rid them of plaque to some extent. Your dental hygienist will take care of the rest of the plaque when you have your teeth cleaned.

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April 13, 2022